Harvesting Value: How We Plant the Stock Farm

by | May 27, 2023 | Insights

Reaching New Peaks of Financial Freedom: Embrace the Wayman Way

Are you a DIY investor seeking a different path to financial freedom, one that takes you to new heights? Look no further than Wayman Value Investing. We offer a fresh perspective and an alternative approach that empowers you to unleash your investment potential and reach new peaks of success.

At Wayman, we believe in planting the investment seed and watching it grow. Our process starts with a down-to-earth, bottom-up approach. We carefully screen stocks, looking for those hidden gems that have unique value markers. We dig deeper to uncover the best deals, always considering the future cash flow and calculating a conservative value for the entire business.

When we find stocks that have a significant spread between our calculated value and the market price, we know it’s time to add them to our portfolio.

Harvesting time

But how do you know when to harvest or cash in your gains? It’s all about keeping an eye on the peaks and valleys. We closely track the spread between our target price and the market prices for our portfolio stocks. When the spread narrows and becomes more modest, it might be time to pause and savor the gains. We still hold the stock, capturing maximum upside potential. 

However, as the spread tightens further, we prepare to bid farewell to that position. Of course, if the company’s future prospects improve, we adjust our target price and reassess the situation, deciding whether to continue or move on from the position.

Guiding you to options

What sets Wayman apart is our commitment to achieving consistent market-beating returns while minimizing risk. We don’t rely on complex macroeconomic predictions or chasing elusive catalysts. Our aim is to guide you toward success on an alternative and exciting path, one that delivers results more quickly than traditional methods like indexing. Each stock we recommend has a margin of safety and represents a real bargain in the market.

Whether you’re a novice investor ready to take your first steps or a seasoned adventurer looking for a new challenge, Wayman has something for you. Our monthly newsletters provide freedom and education, allowing you to make informed decisions. For the risk-takers, we highlight higher-risk stocks in our portfolio section. And for those seeking stability, we offer recommendations for high-dividend stocks.