Meet Your Guide

by | Apr 27, 2023 | Insights

“All the returns in life, whether in wealth, relationships, or knowledge, come from compound interest.” – Naval Ravikant, entrepreneur and investor.

As a naturally curious individual on the hunt for knowledge, our founder Frank Memcaj embarked early in his life on a journey through the world of finance. He soon came to find finance and investing are continuously evolving and there is always a chance to learn more. 

Finance came very naturally to Frank even at a young age. This ability led him to his first professional experience in the finance field as a commercial lender after college.  He explored different paths like middle-market and private lending, and a variety of roles in the mortgage industry. 

He experienced tremendous career and company growth in the mortgage industry. However, he felt that growth in this industry was limited. He realized it would always be this way. He hit a plateau. 

This hitch in the road didn’t last long. He simply gravitated to the next area of finance that sparked his interest, which was in entrepreneurship and investing in small businesses. His temporary step back put him on track to a successful future. 

His expedition through the different branches of finance eventually led him to value investing. With the guidance of Warren Buffett, Benjamin Graham, and Howard Marks, Frank developed his own method for value investing that fit best for him and would give him consistent returns. He enjoyed learning the ins and outs of a company, finding the best time to buy and sell, and sharing his picks with his friends. Inspired by Naval Ravikant to share his expertise with a larger audience, the idea of Wayman Value Investing was born. 

Every stock that Frank recommends, he owns himself. Motivated by the success of other value investors, his goal is to provide subscribers with results that will give them extra income and the confidence to level up and chase what’s next for them. 

“Whether it’s family, friends, staff, acquaintances, or folks in the community, I get fired up seeing people’s plans work out well for them,” says Frank. “That gives me the motivation and inspiration for my own endeavors.” 

Frank lives by the motto, “Chase what’s next.” 

Find a new opportunity to learn. Don’t be afraid to get uncomfortable. 

Join Frank and Wayman on your journey to the top.